True feelings

Are they really?

Enchanting voice still deep

Beautiful one flawless admiration of a stream

Ooh my one of the intangible oceans tides

Look at eyes shinning with brightness of sin

Tempting men of honour just like she did- Eve

Ooh this is the impalpable feeling of the indifferent

One day wishing to hold a piece of your gown

Crawling on my knees in dust during windy dawn

Looking too old fashioned liked wrecked ship-clothes thorn

Pollyannaish doing serenade under your bedroom window

‘Love thing’ am seeking from Alaska to Windhoek

Seeing a bright future of hope

Hope I wont get pissed and drift off

Desired one my beloved one of all

I’ll be waiting for your response

Tonight near western chambers

Give me your hand

Will you really?

True feelings




The iPhone 4Vick had just received a call while we were waiting to board the elevator : two young ladies standing next to each other- one playing roll the ball and the other was on snap chat, then there was this gentleman probably in his mid 50’s busy going through one of the social media platforms which kept him smiling alone and finally there was me busy with daily memes 🙂  – you all understand the thing about memes ,they speak to us, they know no age or status some are just funny and difficult to be ignored… NO!! That is not so important so let me cut the long story short. Hope it will be short and sweet ,if not short then it must be sweet enough to impact somebody out there.

Most of us especially millennials might find it hard to survive without our phones. We have become increasingly dependent to our phones as there functionality has equally increased.  Addicted to our phones to the extent that you wish when you die you find a peaceful place in heaven with Wi-Fi and a working charging system.  We are all suffering from FOMSI, a fear of missing something important i.e our devices. You can’t even go to the shop without your devices. That is why most of you find yourself using the phones longer than you had planned, sometimes you are out with a friend or you have  met new people but you are still busy with your phone. The ”anti-social behaviour” is killing us. We no longer maintain eye contact when conversing since we can’t look up from our phones. Have you ever been to the gym but you are worried about notifications from your phone? If so then you need a smartphone detox. If you are not infected then you are affected.

There are various reason why this smartphone detox is necessary to you or someone around you. The main reason being it cripples our productivity, relationship and health.

Sometime last year I developed a new habit where everyday at night I turn off my data at 9.30 pm after watching news and then 30 minutes later I could switch off my phone, plug it to a charging system away from my bed and then retire to bed. By then I didn’t know I was going through a smartphone detox and I did this just because I felt it was necessary yet as a result I had enough sleep, woke up fresh and had productive days. Sharing is caring, probably- ‘my person’ this is  what you need to achieve what your old man told you about not picking calls past 9pm. Just schedule your time, find it unnecessary to pick calls past 9pm. Let them know you would prefer a text message instead. With time most of your contacts will get used to it and what does that mean? No more late night calls. Set those boundaries by creating healthy habits. call-time-9am-9pm-after-that-leave-me-a-msg-whatsapp-hike

All of us would agree its common to have our phones everywhere we go or use them anytime we want but what  we don’t know is that the fact that its common it doesn’t make it normal. I have realised people are prisoners of their phones that’s why they are called cell phones. In order to deal with this abnormal situation here is how to deal with your smartphone addiction. We need to smartphone detox.

First of all admit you have a problem. Lets call this the pre-cleansing period where you let your contacts aware that you wont be having your phone around you all the time or as you used to do. And then…

Turn off notifications. It is important to turn off your mobile data, texts  and social media notification lets say for an entire day. This will prevent you from going through your phone all the time.

Quit social media. By this I don’t mean deactivating your snapchat, Instagram or Facebook or be it Twitter account, but if you can do why not. All you need to do is delete those apps from your phone. After all there is little important that goes on those platforms unless you are using them as a business marketing platform the likes are not so important. I always do this from time to time and it helps. I have not been ‘gramming’ and doing Facebook in the last 1 month and life has been okay.

Sleep separation. When going to bed ensure your phone is out of reach. This can include charging your phone in another room. Simple.

Go old school.  Mlika mwizi kind of phones should be the deal when going out. This will help you to pay attention if you are meeting somebody that you intent to have a deep conversation with. It will also do away with the worry of your phone battery running low since the small phones battery can last for 4 days and is appropriate for outdoors. If you love taking photos then buy a camera for that purpose. Take with you a notebook or sticky notes. Going old school can mean doing verbal communications rather than chatting all the time. Once in a while ask your friend out for coffee have a one-on-one conversion. Give the people in your life the gift of your presence by putting down your mobile device.

Turn your phone off and leave it at home or in the car.  I have trained myself that every time I go to church I have to leave my phone at home. So Sundays wont be an ideal day for you to call me especially during morning hours. This is something I am used to and it doesn’t bother me anymore. I have learnt how to deal with the fear of missing out something important during Sundays after all  its meant to be a resting day. I respond to texts, calls and emails once am back at home. There is beauty in not responding right away. In case there is a scheduled task that I will need to have my phone in order to complete then I ensure that my smartphone is turned to air-plane mode. For instance I only go online when I want to call someone. Very peaceful Sundays.

7 Day Smartphone Detox Challenge. The 7 day smartphone detox challenge  will transform your life. It comes as package of the do’s and don’ts in order to overcome the addiction and runs from Monday to Sunday with each day adapting to a new challenge. You can schedule what I have just shared with you. Also part of it can include not having your phone on the table while eating. If you try all this am sure with time you wont feel the burden of having your phone in the hands all the time.7day

Think of the benefits. Don’t be a pessimist. Once you have detoxed think of the positive impact the exercise has made to your life. Then Help others.

If you are really thankful what do you do? You share. Don’t hesitate to help a friend or family to fight that addiction by sharing this article with them.



IMG-20170601-WA0054Its 9.36 am on Friday morning, I am in the office and the day is so fast. Have you ever thought why when you have normal stuff the week goes very slow but when you have a paper due on Friday it’s all of a sudden the day its due? Especially when you have been working on this file with extended deadlines and your boss is not going to tolerate your requests for further extensions. Anyway diamonds are made under pressure. ‘If you know you know’…

Forgive me, where are my manners… Hey my people it has been a minute (similar to saying it has been a while) since we were last here on this page of mine. First I would like to apologise for letting you guys down. I had promised to give you the best and always to be there for you with the best articles you have always wished to read.  Of course I rarely apologise so if I did then I mean it – you better forgive me and let us move on. I believe you have been all fine. I miss y’all but things have changed. All you need to know is that everybody has a chapter in their lives they don’t need to read aloud.

Okay, now that you have forgiven me, get a highlight of what I have been upto all this time… mmmh books…hustle…working both hard and smart…’lawyering’…doing business- you need to know I am an entrepreneur #kujichocha …and of course living- living life. When I talk about living I mean it because I realised life is too short to apologise for his own existence. ‘In fact I am worried about the lifestyle audit stuff . I wonder what’s wrong with me when other people names do feature on NYS scandals. I know I have failed both my tribe and myself on this one. Clean money dirty money all is money.’ Haha hell no am kidding about this one… And by the way I heard girl child is not sparing the  boy child, is it true? I even don’t know why ladies nowadays eat more than men or is it the ‘handshake effect’…who is this Lisa Gaitho that most of you are talking about? Indeed we need to catch up on all that has happened. Hashtag #WhileYouWereAwaycatch upIts 3 minutes to half past Ten. Time to have a tea break and since I got a pending paper today I am not living my chair till I am done with this one. “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son…” I am also sacrificing all this because with anticipatory jolt, I just remembered the message I received yesterday; the codeword from my old friend that called me for a “Friday Development Inspection(FDI)” meeting. That simply meant we start at Twisters then roam and hop all evening in a bid to help him know the city. Just don’t get it twisted we are doing it in the evening since we alway have busy days. Telvo is in town and as the ‘OCS’ I must guarantee this old colleague maximum security. By the way in my next article I will tell you why Twisters is so special and maybe I should take you there too.level upHey!! I need to go. I got to clock the hours and pay my dues.We meet at our usual place in the evening. Let me cross this t’s and dot lowercase j’s.


If you love poetry then I got a lot for you as well. Bye folks. But before I give you best of my article let me welcome you back. Let’s Level Up!

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Tear drops be the order of the day,

I love you that’s what I used to say,

For your well endowed appearance always made me to slay,

You are successful because you always pray,

Now hear out my heart in pain as I lay,

With a fervent assumption that you will stay,

However much you may try to walk away,

I need you just like sunshine and hay,

Now am useless like a potter with no clay,

My life is dark only your smile was my ray,

Valentine’s forever to crave.


But for sure one thing I don’t regret,

I know you had your priorities set,

And maybe I was not in but just part of the test,

All you wanted was to get the best,

Then reality dawned on you that I wasn’t your taste,

You couldn’t love me neither visualise why to hate,

The best  you decided was to see me as the rest,

You are out of the cocoon while am trapped in the nest,

Someday when you come back I will be in the west,

As a draw pebbles to wipe away my unimagery tears rolling down my chest,

Valentine’s forever to crave.


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Every single day we get up in the morning we are tasked with going through the daily norms as human beings. Everyone has their reason for waking up. Waking up is beyond opening your eyes while still in bed that morning and then stay all day in the same bed or maybe up-to 12 noon before you get out for your favourite ice cream and a good movie (or maybe taking morning afters pills before you go back to bed). You have to get out of the bed and get ready for your daily routines be it reporting to your workplace or hustling. For each and every single day you taking in oxygen it is another great chance of life and purposely confirmation that there is still work of greatness you have left to fulfil in this amazing life. On this day you have to choose life. Every morning when you wake up you can choose joy, happiness, negativity, pain… To feel the freedom that comes from being able to continue to make mistakes and choices – today choose to feel life, not to deny your humanity but embrace it. Its another beautiful day get out of those pyjamas (for those who sleep with birthday suits wake up and wear something).

TIPOnce you wake up and smell the coffee, it’s hard to go back to sleep. Take a cup of coffee this doesn’t need to be your breakfast- did learn it from someone special and believe me it works.


Saints are in heaven, this world is for sinners. And no one is too righteous as the word righteous itself. However, the fact that you are alive is not a guaranteed right but Gods mercy. We have to say thanks and ask Him to see us through this new day. PRAY. But before that, we need to know that one of the 6(six) ethics of life demands that ‘Before you pray-believe.’ It doesn’t matter who you are or what you are from doing, even thieves pray so that they are not caught in the line of duty and ask Him to liberate them from the vice, sometimes they say thank you for a successful mission. A short prayer can be essential.

Dear Lord,

I know that I am Not perfect,

I know sometimes I forget to pray,

I know I have questioned my faith,

I know sometimes I am easy in losing my temper and sinning,

but thank you for loving me unconditionally and giving me another day to start over again. Amen


Private gallery

I am no saint and consequently I know not all of us are believers but for those who do, begin every day with a prayer. I am not preaching either but I thought it is important to let you learn this.


In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer. This is what I always tell myself. Never lose your mind trying to understand other people. There is the need for you to slay. We are a product of a fantastic piece of art. We have an infinite meaning. After a peaceful night, morning prayer, proper work out its now time to slay. A good shower, clean clothes- if you love fashion do it the fashion way and if you believe in style do it so well. Grab your best kicks (shoes) most preferably with how your day is going to be like. Best of the accessories you need for the day. Some nice smelling perfume. You will be ready for the day. Life is short, make each hair flip fabulous. Let them do the  #amazing  #Perfect hashtags. Wewe ndio ule msee. Show us what you are made of. Dress to kills. Be smart. Elegance is the only beauty that never fades. Shine all day in whatever you are doing. However, let’s not confuse elegance with snobbery. Do it with moderation. Wake, Pray and Slay this way you have conquered the day.


Photo: Private gallery Courtesy of Cloeshoe Photography

After a long day, it is important for you to take a rest. Relax your body. You grind render ineffective if you can’t function or only live to the age of 40 since you died of sleep deprivation. 6-8 hours of sleep is healthy. Each piece of art needs rest.


This new day is an opportunity to correct your yesterday mistakes. If you didn’t slay properly this is another chance. Sometimes it’s not even a mistake but you just feel like doing it in a different style. Giving up should not be your portion. Isn’t life a series of images that change as they repeat themselves? Wake, Pray, Slay, Sleep, REPEAT!!


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Poetry.I had to do this


It’s hard to believe you’d turn out to be what I thought you wouldn’t be

I believed you owned a heart of gold, a soul infested and inhabited by love

In my eyes you were pure, purer than a virgin on her wedding night

Harmless and calm like the waters on a cloudy day I thought you were

I gave you the purest love any would ask for

Eyes for only you I had

My ears decided to listen to only you

Like a man is proud of his home, my mind was proud of always having you stick in it

You were my light

The only thing I always wanted near me, never to let out of sight

But I was wrong, that never was who you really are

Do to you what you did to me I never would

Even if I had the opportunity, the courage I…

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Learn to Shut Up!

At age 14 (or 15) my father gave me the best advice of my life.”Son, never miss a good opportunity to keep your mouth shut.” Something that took me time to understand.After  thousands of hours and hundreds of days say at age 19 or about I was able to realise the meaning of that statement.Lesson-Well timed silence has more eloquence than speech.It came to my senses that it’s essential to say less.

Silence is the sleep that nourishes wisdom,they say.Forget about ‘Power of Silence’ and all about Carlos Castaneda,don’t mind about that long essay back in your primary 8 English or a that novel you spent hours reading during prep time back in high school talking about the power of silence or just silence.Just a minute,Its practical I am talking about meaningful silence.You as an individual taking your time to shut up your mouth with a purpose and reflect on the outcome of your speech just in case. During a misunderstanding a simple “sorry” can save your time and energy of engaging in a useless argument.

Personally I can tell which kind of person you are just from a short conversation. Saying much to someone you have just met can be a sign of being social, consequently it’s an indication of a careless and irresponsible person.

I am not discouraging anyone from speaking your mind because most of the time especially in a human being set up silence has always been associated with cowardice.Speak as much as you can but speak when it’s necessary.However before  you go silent take your time and know your audience.You can’t be silent on everything or everyone.For example as an activist this wont be much effective.Just a minute most of our activists are “loud” but not talkative.Again in cases of  relationships communication happens to be the backbone of a long lasting affair.Talking to your partner more often can build your relationship. Unnecessary silence will land you into a polite break up. However how much silence calms the hearts of many it can also be deadly.

If you have a gift with words, learn to keep your mouth shut; when you speak, punctuate with pause; and when you have nothing to say, say nothing.